Bratton Enterprises

Books personally recommended by Robert Bratton

Richard Branson

I'm a fan or Richard Branson. He's who I'd like to emulate as a business person. He's ambitious but cares about providing excellent service while treating his team well.

Like a Virgin

Screw Business as Usual

Dave Ramsey

I like Dave Ramsey's radio show and his common-sense advice on how to improve your financial life.

Entre Leadership

Total Money Makeover

Complete Guide to Money

Other Authors


I loved this one. It's an easy read and refutes many of the conventional wisdom about starting and running businesses.

Reflections on Management

Other books that look interesting

I've purchased some of these but haven't read them yet or I've skimmed them in the library or a book store.

Laptop Millionaire

Get Rich Click

Smart people/ Dumb Bosses

Are your lights on

100 startup