Bratton Enterprises


Software Engineering

Bratton Enterprises can work with you to design and create custom software to automate parts of your business to free up personnel to do more high-level work.

Database Design and Tuning

Bratton Enterprises can work with you to design a new database for storing business information as well as help you make better use of any existing datbases you have through tuning and design updates.


Bratton Enterprises can help you evaluate the ergonomics of your computer-related equipment and help you adjust your equipment for a more safe and comfortable work environment. Help prevent lost productivity, employee discomfort and worker’s compensation claims.

Internet Access

Bratton Enterprises can help you make the most of Internet access with solutions from basic dial-up to dedicated high-speed access solutions. Share Internet access for your whole office with just one account and connection.

Internet Security

Bratton Enterprises will perform a security scan of your Internet connection to determine weak points and potential problems. We will recommend solutions that will improve the security of your information systems. Solutions may include external security scans, firewall appliances and software, computer and router configuration, network address translation (PAT/NAT) and proxy technologies.

Network Security

Bratton Enterprises can help you develop a network security policy, including information on: email use, file and resource security, passwords, virus protection.

Office Networking

Connect your PCs and printers to share files and resources within your office. Bratton Enterprises will create a custom solution to fit your needs: from a simple peer-to-peer solution to a server-based network with full security.

Ongoing Support

Bratton Enterprises provides telephone, remote and on-site support for your information systems. We learn your systems and apply this knowledge to your everyday support needs.

Outsourced IT Support

Some businesses cannot justify hiring a full-time IT support staff. Outsourcing these needs to Bratton Enterprises gives you the benefits of a full-time IT staff without the unnecessary costs: e.g. you only pay for what you use on an hourly or project basis.

Remote Access

Bratton Enterprises will work with communications providers to set up remote access to your network for your off-site employees, telecommuters and support personnel. Solutions include virtual private networks (VPN) and dial-up access.

Software Installation and Support

Bratton Enterprises will support your third-party software; providing installation, upgrades and support in conjunction with the software vendor’s staff. We can act as the liaison between your staff and the vendor’s technical support department.


Your staff will be more productive with the proper training. Bratton Enterprises will design a custom training program based on your staff’s needs. We do one-on-one and small group training at your office.

Web Hosting

Combine your web site and email addresses under your own Internet domain name, e.g., for a professional, integrated Internet presence. Bratton Enterprises will set up web hosting, obtain your domain name and transfer or create your web site and email.

Web Site Design

Web sites need to be accessible, easy to navigate and have useful content to keep your customers and potential customers coming back. Bratton Enterprises specializes in easy to navigate sites with a clean user interface. We also maintain and redesign existing sites.

Wide Area Networks

Bratton Enterprises work with your company and communications providers to create a Wide Area Network connecting multiple office locations into one network to ease inter-office communications. We can also set up an extranet with your customers or suppliers.